Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chatham Coast Guard Alumnus

Hi Chatham,

I practically grew up on Cape Cod, as a child I came with the family to spend the whole summer in one of the Harwich towns. After servicing more than two years with the English RAF as a pilot during WWII, I returned to Harwich Port and rested a month before joining the U.S.Navy as a pilot for the Navy Air Transport flying DC4's across the Atlantic for three years, then was moved to Hansas as teavcher of DC4's to my releaqsae.

Spent another five thousand hours as pilot then retired to the Cape (Harwichport with my family. Worked as Harbornaster and #2 Harwich summer man at the town work. Moved at 1983 to Florida where I have remained as a CG Aux.

Now I'm 93 yrs old and coasting along as an interesting standby. I was working part time at Chatham CG Station. before I left the Cape.

Best luck and good wishes,
Albert E. Smyser, Jr.

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Anonymous said...


I'm not a coast card alumnus, but I wanted to thank you for your service. God bless you!

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