Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chatham Coast Guard Alumnus

Hi Chatham,

I practically grew up on Cape Cod, as a child I came with the family to spend the whole summer in one of the Harwich towns. After servicing more than two years with the English RAF as a pilot during WWII, I returned to Harwich Port and rested a month before joining the U.S.Navy as a pilot for the Navy Air Transport flying DC4's across the Atlantic for three years, then was moved to Hansas as teavcher of DC4's to my releaqsae.

Spent another five thousand hours as pilot then retired to the Cape (Harwichport with my family. Worked as Harbornaster and #2 Harwich summer man at the town work. Moved at 1983 to Florida where I have remained as a CG Aux.

Now I'm 93 yrs old and coasting along as an interesting standby. I was working part time at Chatham CG Station. before I left the Cape.

Best luck and good wishes,
Albert E. Smyser, Jr.

Cape Cod Osprey (Chatham, MA)

An osprey flies above an April marsh at Mill Creek in South Chatham.

Quaint Drinking Village With a Fishing Problem


I lived on Cape Cod from 99 - 2004. I bought a t-shirt from a general store on Main Street in Chatham. The t-shirt said, Chatham, MA a quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem. Do you know how I cango about getting another t-shirt like this? Thank you.

Greg Shirk

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Henry Beston Audio Book Project

Release: On June 1, Silver Hollow Audio will publish the first-ever audiobook of Henry Beston’s classic "The Outermost House: A Year of Life on the Great Beach of Cape Cod."

With the blessing of Beston’s daughter, Kate Barnes, Silver Hollow Audio is launching "The Outermost House" as the first in a line of audiobooks about nature and place. Available on CD and by digital download, it is perfect for audiophiles, nature lovers, road trippers, birdwatchers, beach bums, and armchair philosophers alike. The unabridged 5-CD package will also include an interview with Beston’s biographer, who, along with our narrator, will be on the Cape during the June 1-3 weekend to participate in a number of Beston reading/discussion events (one of which will be in Chatham, though I do not have the details yet).

Cover art and sound clips are available to the press, and I would be happy to send them via email or CD.

Best wishes,

Rebecca Barry • Silver Hollow Audio
rebecca@silverhollowaudio.com • (845) 688-7333

Chatham Movie

I have a great interest in the movie Chatham. The reason for my interest is that it is based on the book Cap'n Eri and it just so happens that my name is Eri, Eri David Laing that is. I had an aunt who had a cousin named Eri, my mother liked the name and so here I am. For years we had thought it was a Scottish name until another aunt on my mothers side was reading her Bible, Genesis 46:16. There was my name in a list of other names. I think I was 12 or something like that and to find that my name had an origin after being given it in 1946. In fact I hated my name because in that day if you didn't have a name like Tom, Dick or Harry you got teased and a lot of other bad things.

Well, I guess I was 16 and another aunt was at a garage sale and found the book Cap'n Eri. Wow, a book with my name. Then I found that there was even a movie made of the book in 1915. And now another movie based on the book. I can't wait to see it. I was wondering if anyone knows who will be playing the part of Cap'n Eri? You can reach me at eridlaing@aol.com.

Thank You
Eri D. Laing

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Seeking Old Photos


I'm still seeking old photos of artists working on Chatham's outer beaches, and Birdwatchers likewise.

For exmple, I stumbled across a photo of a birder ogling some gulls from a hideaway behind the bow of the remains of a shipwreck.


John Hutchinson

My book on Chatham Beachwagons is coming very soon to the Yellow Umbrella.

Lobster at Chatham Fish Pier

It won't be long now. Prices are way up here on Chatham so expect to pay this summer.

Chatham Art Show


I was informed that there will be an Art Show in Chatham, MA on August 18 & 19, but I have been checking several websites, even the Chamber of Commerce of Chatam website, and couldn't find anything on that.

Could someone please point me on the right direction? I am a sculptor and I would like to get an application for this Art Show.

Many thanks,

Mauro Pozzobonelli

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Surfing on the Cape

We plan to be in Cape Cod in mid-July. My daughter, age 20, wants to spend her time surfing.

Can someone recommend the towns to stay in that are most convenient for surfing?
I would really appreciate the info.

Marcia Hiles

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Ospreys are Back!

An adult osprey takes off from a nest of young on an antenna at the Chatham Marconi Maritime Center, Cape Cod. March 31, 2007. You can see one of them poking it's head up.

Fishing Pier Observation


I am planning a visit to Chatham in mid May. Would love to experience the fishing boats arriving at the pier and unloading their catches. Could someone please let me know the time of day we would most likely be able to see this happen.

Thank you in advance.

Jeanne Gregory

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