Thursday, November 30, 2006

Stage Harbor Light and Dory.

A November dawn at Stage Harbor.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Chatham Orientation Info


I am trying to reasearch information as it is possible. I may have the opportunity to move to Chatham in the near future as part of the May Institute working as a support worker ina residential home or as a teaching assistant.

In preparatioin for this I am looking to find out what living costs are like in Chatham or surrounding areas. I currently live in Northern Ireland and am keen to research into this.


Michael Bolster

Fox at Hardings Beach

This hill is actually one large sand dune and is situated behind the main strip of sand at Hardings Beach. At dusk the foxes tend to come out and trot along the beach for their free meals, mostly shellfish and possibly crabs.

Christmas Stroll Information Sought


What weekend is the Christmas Stroll this year?

Nancy Beaumont

Chatham First Night


When can we order tickets for this coming first night? Also, when will there be info on activities and performances?
FM Sandles

Street Name Sought


I am trying to find 120 Depot street in Chatham. The name has been changed. Can someone give me the name of this street now and the name of the cemetery behind it.

The Young family home was on Depot Street and my mother and grandmother were born there. I would appreciate any help.

Thank you,
Ramona Hastings

Christmas by the Sea


When is the big week-end Christmas celebration this year in Chatham?

Margaret Wedgewood

WCC Christmas Stories Wanted


In the 1960's I went to sea with Thomas Pennypacker, Radio Operator. WCC Chatham was our life-line. I'm looking for WCC stories. Does anyone know of a source of such stories?

Tom Aldrich

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