Thursday, August 31, 2006

Chatham Booklet


My name is Eileen and I'm visiting Chatham in a few weeks - do you have a booklet on your town I could go through? I can't wait to see it, I have heard so much about it from my gal pals.

Thank you,

11:38pm Fish Pier- Chatham, MA

The sturgeon moon shines over the abandoned fish dollies and hampers at Chatham fish pier, while a few longliners head out on the horizon.

©Christopher Seufert

Christopher Ryder House


I’m trying to find out if the Christopher Ryder House restaurant is still in business. We are traveling to Chatham week after Labor Day.

- We would like to have dinner in the restaurant while there.

- We were there years ago. If it’s still open could you send us directions? If not, maybe you could send other fine restaurants and their locations.

Thank you, Albert Anderson

H. Brett Painting


I have been trying to find the novel that illustrates a painting that I have. The painting (original oil) by h. brett is titled CAPE COD dated 12-26-27. I know this painting was depicted in one of lincoln's books, but I don't know which one. The beach is crowded with people looking out to sea fearing for boats that are in danger of rough waters. In the forground is a young mother cluching her young son worried about someone on one of the boats. Other people (fishermem) are pointing helplessly out towards the troubled boats. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreaciated.

Rose Stephens

Chatham Buses


I have heard of a senior bus that leaves from Chaham to Provincetown. Is this so? Could someone give me some information on the schedule?


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Kite Surfing at Chatham Light Beach, Massachusetts.

A kite surfer cuts a turn in the rips off South Beach. It's become one of the most popular places on the Cape for the new sport.

See here for more info.

Condition of Ridgevale Beach

I am writing about the condition of Ridgevale beach this summer. I met a woman leaving the beach with her 2 children in tow and greatly annoyed that she had to leave after paying $15 to park at the beach. She found the beach very dirty and the children unable to wade in the water because that area was closed. One side of the beach is closed because of bacteria and the other side is heavy with seaweed. The seaweed also draws the fillies and makes it undesirable to swim. It has continued this way all summer. I think it is unfair of the town to collect this fee when conditions are so bad.

Have you had comments regarding this problem? Do you know if anything think is being done regarding this beach? Hardings Beach does not seem to have the seaweed problem.

Irene Hennessey

Chatham Water Taxis

I'm hoping you can help me. I'm trying to find info on water taxis to North Beach. I understand that I may be able to get one ot the fish pier.

Are you able to give me any additional info?


Susan Boucher

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

9:17pm - Chatham Fish Pier, Massachusetts

It's bright for this time of day isn't it? The sturgeon moon this week made everything here on the Cape look a little brighter and sharper when the sun went down. My shots of the moon itself didn't come out very well (I'll have to work on that a bit) but the dusk shots did. The fishing industry here in Chatham is still vibrant and profitable, despite the trend toward factory ships happening in the rest of the world. Provincetown and Chatham still have day boats making 12 hour to 3 day runs off the coast and our closeness to the fishing areas allows the boats to save on gas also. Longlining, gillnetting, weir fishing, shellfishing, lobstering, and trawling are all part of the approach and some go between the various fisheries, depending on the stocks. How long this will continue is anyone's guess.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Chatham Appliance Store


I have a summer home in Chatham and need to purchase a new fridge
and apartment sized stove. Is there a store in the vicinity that
sells these appliances?

Thank you!


Monday, August 07, 2006

Transient Boat Slip Wanted


I am planning on a vacation trip to Chatham during the week of August 28, 2006. I am interested in renting a transient slip for my 23ft. boat.

Are there any rental slips available at the Chatham Fish Pier or other locations with access to the Atlantic side of Monomoy Island?

I would appreciate any references and information.


Thomas R. Sahrmann

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