Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Condition of Ridgevale Beach

I am writing about the condition of Ridgevale beach this summer. I met a woman leaving the beach with her 2 children in tow and greatly annoyed that she had to leave after paying $15 to park at the beach. She found the beach very dirty and the children unable to wade in the water because that area was closed. One side of the beach is closed because of bacteria and the other side is heavy with seaweed. The seaweed also draws the fillies and makes it undesirable to swim. It has continued this way all summer. I think it is unfair of the town to collect this fee when conditions are so bad.

Have you had comments regarding this problem? Do you know if anything think is being done regarding this beach? Hardings Beach does not seem to have the seaweed problem.

Irene Hennessey

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Christopher said...

Hi Irene,

I actually spent a day last weekend there and it was gorgeous. There's a stream behind the beach that's closed to swimming, and, though it looks tempting as a play place for children, people should stay out. If you stick to the beach itself and the ocean in front you'll have a great time. Also there's a snack bar there that's a bonus.

Here's a link where you can see more.

Hardings Beach is also gorgeous so either one will work. Sea weed does come in occasionally but does not come in any heavier on the various beaches.

Have a great time,
Christopher Seufert

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