Tuesday, August 15, 2006

9:17pm - Chatham Fish Pier, Massachusetts

It's bright for this time of day isn't it? The sturgeon moon this week made everything here on the Cape look a little brighter and sharper when the sun went down. My shots of the moon itself didn't come out very well (I'll have to work on that a bit) but the dusk shots did. The fishing industry here in Chatham is still vibrant and profitable, despite the trend toward factory ships happening in the rest of the world. Provincetown and Chatham still have day boats making 12 hour to 3 day runs off the coast and our closeness to the fishing areas allows the boats to save on gas also. Longlining, gillnetting, weir fishing, shellfishing, lobstering, and trawling are all part of the approach and some go between the various fisheries, depending on the stocks. How long this will continue is anyone's guess.

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