Thursday, March 23, 2006

Locations of Erosion in Chatham


I was down in the Chatham area this past weekend doing some exploring. I just purchased a place down in Dennisport and I have been doing a lot of reading about the Cape. There is a lot of talk about erosion and the cliffs of Chatham. I was trying to locate these area's?

Also I drove as fae as I could downold harbor road and saw what to be houses out on a sand bar, is this nauset beech dunes I was looking at?



Christopher Seufert said...

Hi Keith,

Yes, that is Nauset Beach. However, the Chatham part of Nauset Beach is called North Beach, and is only accessible by 4wd out in Orleans. The part that is accessible by foot can be found at South Beach in front of Chatham Light. The division between North and South beach was created in 1987 and is called The Cut.

The area with the most erosion is along Shore Road in Chatham, the entire strip of land that faces North and South Beaches, so you were on part of it there on Old Harbor Road, but not particularly the most dramatic. For that, go to the lighthouse and walk just north near the sea walls.

Hope this helps,
Christopher Seufert

jbrooks544 said...

I haven't seen all that much erosion in the aea that Christopher Seufert mentioned - not recently. years ago, yes. Right now, there is a lot of erosion on the Nantucket Sound side - lots.

in between forest beach road and perkins drive I have seen a lot of cliff erosion. houses will go in eventually.

mine is not a comprehensive study of all chatham. i just know there is some bad erosion in that area.

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