Thursday, March 23, 2006

Fishing Equipment in Chatham


Can someone please send me the following info. I am renting a house in Chatham in August;

Can you rent rods/reels/tackle on the pier?
Where is the nearest PARTY BOAT to Chatham--not charters?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.------



Joshua said...

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jbrooks544 said...

There are no "fishing piers" on Cape Cod. Chatham has a fish pier, where commercial fishing boats land their catch - no fishing allowed from the docks. I don't know of any place on Cape Cod that rents equip at the actual fishing location. go to and enter in a location and save it. chatham zip is 02633. then type in the word tackle and you will have a list of the tackle shops in the area. just call them and ask which rents equip. they are all pretty much decent and can give you tips. a good site for general info for the area is they specialize in fly fishing but it all applies to any type of fishing. check the reports and the forum is AWESOME! much up-to-date chatham info. closest party boats are golden eagle and yankee, both in saquatucket harbor in harwich. a good info site is = mucho info. harwich is close and good for party boat. otherwise, there is one way up in wellfleet and one or two big ones in hyannis. in my opinion there are not many places on this planet better for fishing than chatham. everything from scup to stripers, to giant bluefin tuna, just a few miles off shore.

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