Saturday, November 12, 2005

Help with Chatham World War 2 Research

To whom it concerns:

I am writing to you to find out some information regarding the light house in Chatham.

This is in regards to the men of the army in world war 2 who protected our coast line at Chatham from german submarines and aircraft. They were radar technicians assigned to the area and at one point detected german U-boats off the coast of Chatham.

Without going into too much history, I understand that at one point there were plaques honoring these men possibly hanging inside the Chatham lighthouse. These plaques may have been last seen when the lighthouse had been open for tours back in the early seventies.

If anyone is familiar with these items or have seen them in storage would you please contact me? I am looking for a plaque with the name William A Albert on it, honoring him for his service at Chatham.

thanks for your help,

David J ALbert

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