Monday, September 26, 2005

The Best Chatham Beach

What's Your Vote for the Best Chatham, Cape Cod Beach?
1 Vote for Lighthouse Beach, despite the lack of parking!


Anonymous said...

I think you're right about Lighthouse Beach. In spite of the lack of parking, there's just no beating the view and the one of a kind lighthouse overlooking it all. The option to hike out to South Beach puts it over the top.

Hardings Beach comes in a close second.

Anonymous said...

If you have a boat Tern Island in Chatham Harbor is exquisite. Of course, it's a great way to escape the crowd too.

Anonymous said...

The 2nd parking lot of Hardings Beach in the dunes- great in the off-season when it's a bit cold but the sun is out.

Anonymous said...

Get a north beach sticker for your 4 wheel drive vehicle and drive out ot the beach. Enter at nauset beach and orleans and drive to the tip of north beach overlooking Chatham Light and the Chatham Fish pier.

jbrooks544 said...

in my opinion, the best by far is the tip of north beach (outer beach). some take 4x4 but that takes a long time to drive. I take my boat and it takes about 15 mins. you can take a shuttle over from the public float dock next to the fish pier. #2 is jack-knife harbor (muddy creek) which is a pleasant bay beach 100' before entering Harwich, in-between Eastward Ho and Pleasant bay.

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