Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chatham Craft Group

This is sure an odd question. My husband and I were in Chatham on Sept.25th.
I met a very nice lady in Ben Franklin store and she told me about a
pocketbook she had made. She was even kind enough to bring us to her car so
she could show me it. She said she had just come from a group of ladies where
she was demonstrating how to make it. She explained it all to me and I
thought I had it down pat but not sure about a couple of things. She told me
her name but I can't remember it. She was leaving for Florida on Sat Sept27
for the winter, she said her husband did not like the cold. She goes to
Citrus Hill. If I could only get in touch with another lady that could help
me out I would so appreciate it. I should have gotten her address in Fl but I
thought I understood it all, she was so helpful and such a delightful lady.

I should explain a little about the handbag. You used a yard and a half of
cloth and cut strips on the bias. Then you knitted it on 10 or 11 size

thanks for any help you can give me.

Sandy Keenan
304 Weaver Hill Rd.
West Greenwich, R O 02817

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