Friday, February 01, 2008

Chatham Railroad Museum Display (spikes)


We are from New York State and have been visiting The Gibson's Cottages for over 50 years at Eastham.Back in the 70's ,me and my son were walking the old railroad path which is now The Bike/Walk Path.This is when the old rails were removed ,but the old rotting ties were still there. We walked along the area by Depot Pond and discovered that each tie had a date spike,they were about 2" long.We pulled out over a dozen ,one was dated in the late 1890s and the others dated from the 20's to the 40's.About three years ago at the old School House Museum in Eastham ,we met a lady who said she was associated with the Chatham Railroad Museum.We asked if she would be kind enough to deliver the spikes to the Chatham Railroad Museum,she said she would.

I guess my question is- Are they on display at the museum ? In either case,we plan on going down to Chatham to visit the Fish Pier and the Rail museum.

Don Cook

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