Friday, May 12, 2006

The Christopher Ryder House


I am looking for information on the Christopher Ryder House.

My parents honeymooned in Chatham 36 years ago and have not stopped talking about this restaurant. I realize it may not be there anymore, but I really wanted to give them a little piece of memorabilia for this year’s anniversary. I am getting married in July (same month as their anniversary), and wanted it to be a “before I go on my honeymoon, here is something to remember yours” type of gift.

Is there any information someone can send me on post cards, pictures, write ups, etc. on this restaurant?

Anything would be helpful!
Thank you in advance.
Kim Doran


Barb Cochran said...

Please let me know what you find out. In 1969 my husband and I vacationed on Cape Cod, and I was sure we had fabulous lobster at a restaurant called The Christopher Ryder House. I also thought it may have had a tent like structure that was the restaurant. We are celebrating our 40th on the Cape this summer, and I wanted to take our family there. Barb Cochran

Anonymous said...

It's so touching and amazing that after all these years, The Christopher Ryder House is still remembered so fondly. My parents started the restaurant in the mid-fifties, and eventually closed the restaurant in 1983. They converted it into lovely, unique, one-of-a-kind townhomes, on the same location.

Christopher Ryder, the original sea captain's house was retained and is in the Historic Registerof Homes.

It's in the same location (Route 28 in Chatham), but sadly, no lobster to be had :)

For fun, here is the recipe for the famous clam dip (you may want to adjust the quantities :)
Recipe for CLAM DIP
(lasts one week; 1 oz. per person)
60 lbs. Cream Cheese
1 lb. Chopped Onions
2 bottles Worchester Sauce (5 oz. ea.)
1 qt. Clam Juice
3 cans Chopped Clams

Makes 7-1/2 gallons for 3,500 people.

Crackers: 1 case per day.
I've put together a web site for my parents, and here is the section on the Ryder House:

I hope you enjoy it!

- Wendy K.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy, I worked at the Ryder House for three summers in the late 70's and remember it so well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy
I also worked at the Christopher Ryder House in 71 and 72 coming from Paris (France)
I had a wondefull time in Chatham
Hope to hear from you

Charlie said...

We spent our wedding trip at Chatham, in June, 1970, and enjoyed the Christopher Ryder House Restaurant also. We are planning to be back there in September, first revisit since 1970. We stayed in an upstairs apartment in the barn at Salt Acre, which was very close to the Chatham Lighthouse. Does anyone know if Salt Acre is still arround?

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy I also worked for your Mom and Dad along with my two Brothers. I was there the last four summers the restaurant was open. How is Tom and Dek? Listen over the years from time to time I wondered how you Mom was doing. She was very kind to me. I never did hear how it went for them after they went to VT. If can let me know something it would be nice. Dave Henchy

Connie said...

HI Wendy,

I worked at the Christopher Ryder House in the summer of 1963. I was going into my Junior year of college.
It was truly a wonderful place to work. I went back for the first time to visit since then in 2005 and was so sad to learn that it was no longer there. The Whaler Room was amazing. I fell down while carrying setups for a table of six and the entire dining room reaqcted at once. Something I will never forget! Chatham is a magical place. I plan to visit again.

Connie Caes
New Jersey

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